Thanks again for your work this week. I know my team got a lot out of it and are very excited with the prospect of working in an Agile environment.
— Director, David J. Joseph Company


When you hire Xcelerate Partners for embedded Coaching, you retain ownership of project delivery.  We may be involved throughout the entire project or may only take part at certain times during the project life cycle.  Coaching is more surgical in nature. Think of a military extraction team.  Maybe your team has trouble estimating stories or understanding the importance of their roles on an Agile project or holding retrospectives. If you are a large organization, perhaps your executive leadership and middle management need a better understanding of the changes they will need to make to effectively lead ongoing agile development efforts.  Whatever the case, we integrate with your teams to help where needed, while your project leadership remains in control of project execution and delivery.

Some additional coaching services we offer:

  • Assessments - If you are not sure what areas of your development organization need the most help, our Assessment will help you understand what areas require the most immediate attention.

  • Team Startup - We will bundle training and coaching to get your team up and running quickly. We will provide package pricing so that you get the most bang for your dollar. Team Startup will carry you through the first few weeks of work, at the end of which we will reassess to determine if the engagement should be extended.

  • Transformation - Long term coaching from idea, to execution, to delivery. If you need to get a high quality product to market fast, without the death march, but have little to no in house Agile development experience, this is a good option for you.

  • Talent Acquisition Services - Still need to hire the team, but don't have anyone in house with Agile experience? Getting the right people on the bus is a critical success factor for any initiative. We can help you source and interview candidates. Already sourced a few good ones? No problem, we can interview them for you. Our recruitment services will ensure you pick only the best candidates.

Xcelerate Partners provided Agile subject matter expert (SME) interviews for us in a very professional and satisfactory manner, giving us detailed insights into the qualifications of the candidates we were considering. Candidate feedback was excellent, which made a very good impression for our firm. I highly recommend Xcelerate Partners’ recruitment services and would not hesitate using them again in the future.
— Director of Recruiting, Teracore


When you hire Xcelerate Partners for Training, we deliver class room training for your teams, at all levels of the organization.  We can come to to you, or arrange a venue if your organization doesn’t have suitable class room space in house.  All training is customizable to your needs and if you don't see the class you need listed here, let us know!

The courses we currently offer are:

Exceeded my expectations. Thanks!
— Vice President, PolicyWorks
Good class, knowledgeable instructor, games were fun.
— Director of Professional Services, Workforce Software
Thank you for the great job you are doing with the training.
— User Centered Design Manager, Elsevier


Delivery Services

Project support

Support services involve augmenting your existing staff with our seasoned consultants.  Some example roles include (but of course are not limited to) Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Software Developer, and Program Manager.  We can also help you find the right talent through our talent acquisition services.

Project Delivery

When you hire us for Project Delivery, we take ownership of your project.  From concept to execution, we will take your strategic vision and make it a reality.  This level of engagement requires a deep commitment to success from the client organization.  While we will work within the boundaries of your organization’s processes, if your organization is new to iterative and/or Agile software development, it is probable that the organization will go through some level of change.  Existing processes and management techniques may need to adapt for the engagement to be successful.

Project Rescue

Does this sound like your project?

  • Your stakeholders (customers, senior leadership, development team, etc) are unhappy

  • You are consistently delivering the wrong thing (or maybe nothing at all)

  • When you do deliver software, the quality is poor

  • The project was only supposed to take one year, but is now going into its second or third year or more

When you hire us for Project Rescue, your project has started, but is struggling.  We take ownership of the project and take time to understand where you are and where you want to be.  Then, we work with your teams to bring about the best possible project outcome.   Like Project Delivery, this level of engagement requires a deep commitment to success from the client organization.  Additionally, Project Rescue often (but not always) requires moderate to major changes in the way the project is currently operating.  This means that organizational processes and/or personnel changes may be required.  Rest assured that any major changes will not occur without consultation with the client.

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