Core Values

Put People First:  Train. Mentor.

We understand that technologies and processes will come and go, but the people equation will always be there. In order for your business to realize its full economic potential, your people must feel valued and be engaged.  That's why our holistic approach factors in your people as a key driver of your success.

Seek Understanding:  Listen. Empathize.

We want to understand the challenges you are facing. Most likely our consultants have been where you are now, having helped many clients navigate through similar waters.  Our consultants will ask many questions to understand your current situation. All we ask is that you give them your patience as they will certainly give you theirs.

Partner for Success:  Stay flexible. build trust.

We believe that making you successful means building a strong partnership with you, that's one reason we put the word "partner" in our name. Creating a transparent environment by maintaining an open dialog, even when the conversations are difficult, ensures we are aligned with the same objectives.

Deliver on Commitments:  be accountable. Limit wip.

We believe that a commitment is only as good as the people who make it.  Unlike many other consulting organizations, we will not put a warm body in a seat just to fill a need.  We limit our own Work In Process (WIP) so that we never take on more work than we can handle, allowing us to keep our commitments and deliver a high quality service.



Community Engagement

Xcelerate Partners believes that, in order to get, you have to give.  We actively participate in community organizations and events, contributing our numerous talents, such as active leadership within Agile Cincinnati; as well as, speaking at conferences and professional groups across the planet.  Would you like us to come talk to your group? Contact us today! 




Xcelerate Partners consultants are certified by the most respected and recognized certifying organizations, including IBM Rational, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Project Management Institute, Scrum Alliance, Object Management Group, and Innovation Games.